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Review...for real this time! :)

Jagged - Kristen Ashley

I'm a huge KA fan and as she's an auto-buy for me I was really happy to get an ARC of this book. That's two weeks of waiting I don't have to do now :) I admittedly wasn't as excited for this book as I am for her self published books. So far her published reads have been good but felt more...hmm like a episode in a series than a complete story within a greater series.
This one definitely had that nice complete wholeness that I love about her books. Even if you're at a point in the book where you want to slap someone silly (she's good at appealing to my emotions and making me want to practice karate moves on some jerks) you still 100% can expect and believe in a beautiful happy ending.
I will say though Ham (hahaha) was the reason I didn't give this a 5. He was just a little too selfish in his early dealings with the h that while I did forgive and completely believed their HEA, he just rubbed me the wrong way a little too much. I've come to expect alphaholes that redeem themselves in ways other than straight up apologizing but he just didn't do it for me as much as say Tack or Ty.
Overall, I liked it and will reread again so I'll definitely be looking forward to getting my kindle edition in a few weeks.