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Until November...in September

Until November (Until series) - Aurora Rose Reynolds

A friend recommended this one because she knows I loooove completely over the top alpha males who have that crazy jealous thing going on.  The main man here definitely lived up to my crazy male expectations and November wasn't too bad like some h's can be.

Overall, the writing was okay nothing horrible but nothing amazing.  November seemed to not really have a set personality.  One minute she's attitude and riding motorcycles and then the next she's over the top girly and jumping up and down squealing.  I will say though it wasn't that big of a distraction but something to be improved upon. 

It seems like an author's first book, which it is, with a few awkward phrases and scenes that played out too quickly and without enough explanation but I will be interested in reading the next book in the series due to the over the top men she creates :)